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 Misty Mountain Farm is a diversified farming operation. We have a large farm consisting of cows, breeder layer hens, sheep, and crops. We have survived as a farm for three generations by being diversified.  Our farm is constantly evolving to satisfy the needs that we see are feasible to pursue.  We felt that a multifaceted event barn was a resource that was greatly needed in our area.


In 2011 our daughter, Kellan, became engaged.  Her dream was to have her wedding on our farm and we wanted to make her dream come true.  So it started… In 2012, we seeded and mowed the pasture relentlessly. We set up tents. We rented chairs, tables, and linens, port-a-poties, generators, and flood lights. We built a wedding arch, hauled in a cattle trailer load of mums, and spent weeks decorating and preparing the area.  It was magnificently beautiful!  By the day of the wedding we were all exhausted. We also realized that we would still have to dismantle everything, return the rentals, and clean up the next day. That’s when the idea of an event venue was born. 


For the next 6 years, every time we would go to a wedding at a venue we would say “I think we could do this.” Each venue was unique and beautiful in its own way. We even made mental notes of all the things we really liked from each venue; however, the idea didn't finally become reality until February 2018 when our “daughter”, Lydia, got married. We left saying, “let's do this.” So the planning began in March of 2018. Construction finally began in October of 2018. We jumped on board with our builder and constructed what is now a beautiful 6000 sq. ft. main event barn which is heated and air-conditioned. It includes tables, chairs, linens, full-commercial kitchen, ADA bathrooms, and a loft with couples’ suites.  Outdoor amenities include: covered veranda with casual seating, patio/fire pit area, pavilion with seating and fireplaces, a full bar, a beautiful outdoor setting for wedding ceremonies including seating, a pond with fountains, gazebo, and plenty of parking. So finally, our dream of providing a venue for you to make your dreams come true has become a reality. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our Misty Mountain Event Barn website.  We hope you'll give us the opportunity to host your special event and turn your dreams into a reality too! 

Best Wishes!

Misty Mountain Event Barn Staff

Hunter, Peggy, and Kellan

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