How many guests can Misty Mountain Event Barn accommodate?

Maximum seating occupancy within the Event Barn is 400. Attached to the Event Barn is an 1150 sq. ft. covered veranda. A 2000 sq. ft. Patio/fire pit area adjoins the Event Barn to a 1500 sq. ft. Pavilion which overlooks the pond and Gazebo area. Pavilion includes additional casual seating with rock fireplaces on each end. All of which will allow ample functional space for your event.

What is included with the rental?

Misty Mountain Event Barn rental includes use of facilities on our property including all of the spaces above. For weddings you will have access to all of our facilities for the entire day of your event, the day prior to the event for preparation and/or photo shoot, and also the morning after the event for cleanup, if necessary. 

How do I reserve a date?

Misty Mountain Event Barn will reserve your date when a signed contract and deposit are received.


What is the rental time for an event?

The rental time is from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the day prior to your event, from 8:00 a.m. until 12 o'clock midnight the day of your event, and from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. the day after your event for clean up.

Is the deposit refundable?

The initial deposit is not refundable. If the client fails to pay the full Rental Fee by the Payment Due Date, the Owner shall have the right to rescind the agreement and keep the full amount of all deposits paid to date unless the owner can re-book the event date for the full rental amount. The client shall forfeit the entire Rental Fee once paid should they cancel the event date, 60 days prior to the event date, unless the event date can be re-booked for the same date and rental fee amount.

Is parking available at the Venue?

Ample parking is available for up to 400 guests with ADA  parking and access to buildings.  

Are there any additional fees?

Additional fees include props, decorations, and amenities of your choosing not otherwise listed in the agreement. Liability insurance is also required for weddings/receptions and any event that has alcohol. 

Who is responsible for cleanup and trash removal?

Client is responsible for busting tables, gathering trash, and depositing them in designated areas no later than 10:00 a.m. the day after your event. Misty Mountain Event Barn Staff will be responsible for cleaning the venue.

Who is responsible for incidental damages to the property and/or contents?

Client is responsible for incidental damages to the property and/or contents.  Misty Mountain Event Barn will require a Two Hundred Fifty Dollar ($250.00) damage deposit 14 days prior to your event which will be held and returned following passing of post event inspection. 

Who is responsible for set up and take down of tables and chairs?

Misty Mountain Event Barn staff will provide all set up and take down of chairs and tables.

What type of tables and seating are available?

Misty Mountain Event Barn offers 5 ft. round tables that will comfortably seat 8 to 10 guests, 3 ft. by 8 ft. banquet tables and white decorative chairs as well as seating for an outside ceremony.

Is a kitchen available to use by a caterer?

Misty Mountain Event barn has a full commercial kitchen that will allow your chosen caterer to prepare and serve the meal of your choice.

Do you have adequate restrooms?

Adequate ADA accessible restrooms are available. Separate restrooms are also included in the Bride and Groom suites.

Are all the sites ADA accessible?

All  facilities with the exception to the upstairs “bride” and “groom” suites are ADA accessible with ground level entry.

Is an appointment need to tour the facility?

If you would like to tour the Event Facility you must have an appointment. Please                        us to schedule your personal tour.

Do you provide alcohol?

Misty Mountain Event Barn is a private club permit holder.

Do you provide music and/or a DJ?

Misty Mountain Event Barn does not. However we will have a list of vendors from the local area that we can provide to you.

How accessible to lodging are you?

Misty Mountain Event farm is located 3 miles from Moorefield, WV and 10 miles from Petersburg, WV.  We would be glad to provide you with a list of lodging facilities within those and surrounding areas.

Are week day events discounted?

Events during the week are discounted depending on the size and type of event.

Are there any restrictions on decorations I can use?

We realize that decorating for your event is very important to you. However, we do not allow any tacks, nails, glue or staples on the walls or wood.  All decorations must be able to be removed without damage to the premises. Permanent hooks are installed to help with your decorating needs.

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